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Product List 
,YM single-armed press series
,Y41 single-pole revised compressing hydraulic press series
,YM four-pole two-beam press series
,YM32a four-pole universal hydraulic press series
,YM32B four-pole universal hydraulic press series
,Y27 single-acting sheet stretching hydralic press series
,Y28 double-acting sheet stretching hydralic press series
,YM27 framed hydraulic press series
,YS31 Double-pole steering hydraulic press series
,YM portal forcing press series
,YM30 desk-top single-pole universal hydraulic press series
,Y33 up-run movable four-pole hydraulic press series
,Y35 motor press series
,YW horizontal hydraulic press series
,Y71 plastics hydraulic press series
,YK79 powder goods hydraulic press series
,YH four-pole internal guide hydraulic press series
,Y41B single-arm axis leveler series
,Y41C single-arm plates leveler series
,YL41 double-side single-arm hydraulic press series
,YZH double-pole hydraulic leveler series
,YQ four-pole light hydraulic press series
,800T-2000T four-pole hydraulic press series
,Special press and samples
,Automobile maintaining device series
,Automobile frame hydraulic press cold riveting clamp


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  Shandong Tengzhou Cavee Mechanics Equipment Co. Ltd, which onced named Tengzhou Cavee Mechanics Equipment Factory, was founded in 2000 and enlarged as limited company in 2008. Absorbed the technology from Xuzhou, Hefei and Tianjin metalforming machine companies and introduced Germany FESTO to get the soul of the hydraulic press technology both Chinese and Western. We developed the four-pole hydraulic press equipment, single-armed hydraulic press equipment, special super-large platform hydraulic press equipment with large tonnage (about 2000 tons). The product is used for the insdutries such as plastic, sheet tension, powder smelt, liquid state forming, electron instrument automobile, the autobike manufacture.
   Our company follows the management ideals which is Quality is the life. Customer is the God. Faith is the root while the service is the guarantee. Through about ten years efforts, we develop into a medium second class enterprise with asset about 10 million yuan, 286 employees and among them 52 won senior technical titles and 9 are specialized inspection personnal and the yearly production value is about 30 million yuan. Our company is becoming a new star in domestic hydraulic press industry.
   Our product is sold to almost all cities in China and also exported to North Korea, The Republic of Angola, Kenya, South Afreica and many other regions. The yearly sale achieve 30 million yuan and the export value is about 5 million yuan. Our press machine was awarded as the high grade production in China by China Light Produts Quality Guarantee Center.
  Our company is located in mechanical tools manufacture industry zone in Tengzhou which is the hometown of Mozi. Tengzhou is famous as confluence area of many cities and regarded as the peral of Lunan region, north adjacent to Confucius hometown Qufu and south to Weishan lake, which is a tour famous spot for admiring Dai Temper, visiting Confucius and Mengzi, touring Spring city and boating on the Weishan Lake to appreciate the lotus. With Jingfu speedway, Jinghu railway and No. 104 national highway through it, Tengzhou has a convenient transportation. Welcome friends from all circles come to visit!

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