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·YM single-armed press series
·Y41 single-pole revised compressing hydraulic press series
·YM four-pole two-beam press series
·YM32a four-pole universal hydraulic press series
·YM32B four-pole universal hydraulic press series
·Y27 single-acting sheet stretching hydralic press series
·Y28 double-acting sheet stretching hydralic press series
·YM27 framed hydraulic press series
·YS31 Double-pole steering hydraulic press series
·YM portal forcing press series
·YM30 desk-top single-pole universal hydraulic press series
·Y33 up-run movable four-pole hydraulic press series
·Y35 motor press series
·YW horizontal hydraulic press series
·Y71 plastics hydraulic press series
·YK79 powder goods hydraulic press series
·YH four-pole internal guide hydraulic press series
·Y41B single-arm axis leveler series
·Y41C single-arm plates leveler series
·YL41 double-side single-arm hydraulic press series
·YZH double-pole hydraulic leveler series
·YQ four-pole light hydraulic press series
·800T-2000T four-pole hydraulic press series
·Special press and samples
·Automobile maintaining device series
·Automobile frame hydraulic press cold riveting clamp
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YZH double-pole hydraulic leveler series


1. It can do maneuvering detection on bend of large axis parts.

2. The working part of host can do automatic moving to alignment based on the bend location of the aligned workpiece.

3. The hydraulic parts applies hydraulic servo travel system with convenient operation.


Nominal pressure:2500KN
Working force of hydraulic press:20MPA
The max block travel: 500MM
The max diameter of the aligned workpiece: φ300MM
The max length of the aligned workpiece: 4600MM


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